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Meet the Legion
Spiritual Work Of The Legion of Mary
A Call to the Legion of Mary
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  • The Legion of Mary presents the true face of the Catholic Church.
    - Pope John XXIII
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"About the Legion" Brochure

Introduction and recruitment brochures entitled, "All about the Legion of Mary" are now available for download in three formats: 

  • Full page - this is recommended for email distribution and online viewing. It should make it easier to disseminate information on the Legion over the internet. Fullpage PDF
  • Tri-fold Brochure - this brochure is suitable for brochure stands in parishes and bookstalls, but is also recommended for giving out to potential Legionaries on visitations.  Brochure PDF
  • Booklet - this is also suitable for stands and bookstalls, but also where there are tables and broader surfaces available. Booklet PDF
There is also an accompanying accompanying poster to give prominence to the brochures, where space allows for its display. Poster PDF


As always, please speak to the parish priest before making them available in parish displays.




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