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Spiritual Work Of The Legion of Mary
A Call to the Legion of Mary
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  • The Legion of Mary presents the true face of the Catholic Church.
    - Pope John XXIII

Junior Legion Guide

Start a Junior Praesidium, Today!

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Why start a Junior Praesidium in your Parish?

  • The Junior Legion of Mary develops a prayer life for Youth

Young people like to pray.  

Routine prayers, with good structure, help the young to consentrate and it gives them the satisfaction of achieving something important before God.

Young pople can have a well developed spiritual life in Jesus and Mary.

Parents should never "under-estimate" the spiritual ability of their children.

Jesus said; "Let the Children come to Me!" 

  • The Junior Legion of Mary develops a Sacramental life

  • The Junior Legion of Mary develops a love for the Holy Spirit

  • The Junior Legion of Mary develops the love of the Church

  • The Junior Legion of Mary develops the love of Mary 

  • The Junior Legion makes Youth apostolic Catholics


  • The Junior Legion of Mary develops the public speaking ability of Youth


  • The Junior Legion is good company for your Youth




Work of the Junior Legion of Mary

  • Attending a weekly Praesidium Meeting


  • Activating family prayer


  • Distribution of the Miraculous Medal


  •  Education in the Faith


  • Movie Nights on the Faith


  • Care of the Elderly


  • Visiting the Rest Homes


  •  Helping at Mass


  •  Serving at the Mass

How to start a Junior Legion of Mary Group in your Parish

  • Junior Legion Groups must be connected to a Curia


  • Junior Legion can be work for Senior members


  • What does the Handbook say about starting a Junior Group? 


  • Two officers must be from a Senior Legion of Mary Group


  • Best to be on the weekend

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