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  • The Legion of Mary presents the true face of the Catholic Church.
    - Pope John XXIII

Cause of Our Joy Praesidium


About the Praesidium

Cause of our Joy works include visiting parishioners, door to door evangilisation, teaching catechism, visiting the sick, Rosary promotion, and dissemination of Catholic literature.

Cause of our Joy has a Junior Praesidium which meets on Saturdays after the 9.00 Mass. Works of the Juniors include catechism, altar serving, works of service to parishinoners and others in the Te Atatu Peninsula.

Praesidium Meetings

Cause of Our Joy Praesidium

Tuesdays at 7:30pm (after the 7:00pm Mass).

Junior Praesidium

Saturdays at 9:30am (after the 9.00am Mass). 


Holy Family Parish,
94 Taikata Road, 
Te Atatu Peninsula, 
Auckland 0610
New Zealand

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